About Us


Hi and thanks for taking the time to look at my work. I hope you can see that I care deeply about what I do; this for me is all about the combination of the craft and attention to detail.

I first became interested in photography at about the age of ten, at this time mostly landscape photography but later people became the focus of my attention. I love the interaction and experience of meeting people from all walks of life, a truly humbling experience in some cases.

I gained my professional photographic qualifications at College.
This led me to work in several large Manchester studios. Experience taught me the respect and attention to detail all good photographers posses, a genuine desire to attain the highest standards possible.

Whilst working full time at these studios I realized that I could do better first for the client but secondly for myself. There has never been any doubt about my specialty, my photographic passion and that is photographing people. I'm convinced you can only do this successfully if you enjoy making connections and building relationships.